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The era of silence draws to close,
With this gift the gods bestow,
Within the humes of lacking aura,
The seeds of magic we now sow.

Through the years, stronger that magic becomes,
The change is fought, but the battle is lost,
Mages will they be, reconnected with the world,
But mind the journey, for it comes at a cost.

The chosen of Oanke, the young Messiah,
Brings forth the mages' salvation,
Today, few humes sense the world's aura,
Tomorrow, a new foundation.

One by one, day by day, they vanish,
Those humes that cannot hear,
The hum of magic beneath the earth,
Oh, that day is drawing near.

When the Messiah unleashes his power,
No hume will stand devoid of aura,
A new age will dawn for Azaleon,
On the wings of the Messiah's aurora.

— Prophecy of the Messiah

Welcome to Messiah. We are an original, expansive fantasy RPG, built and maintained by its member-base. Within these pages, you'll find all you need to know to get started with us, about our world and setting, and how new characters can fit into the world. Messiah was carefully and lovingly crafted over the course of two years, by the members that now continue to build onto and expand it as they play, and we hope that it shows in how much love and attention we've given our game!

There are some things to note about Messiah and how it operates. While our site has staff, they are not clearly discernible from players. This is purposeful. Each member here has a voice, and not only is Messiah member-built and maintained, it is also member-policed. Treat everyone as if they were staff. They basically are. While we've given as much creative freedom as possible, unfortunately, players still cannot just do whatever it is they please with no regard to other players, or existing lore. Our site is truly collaborative. The members of Messiah work together on many things that are a part of the site's mythology. We expect new players to take part in this collaboration, to put in their ideas and opinions when we're planning things, and to discuss with everyone when they're adding new major functions and ideas to the setting.

We don't mind adding new things! That is, after all, how Messiah was born, and so of course everyone is welcome to help evolve and progress the setting and lore. However, no one likes it when some random person shows up, and starts contradicting and undermining all the work they've already done. Certain things can be added and a creative spin taken on them without impacting the site at large, but a small number of things cannot be; we'd like to discuss the latter among each other, first, and some of those former things may need to be discussed with one or two players it will impact, as well.

So, to truly get the most out of Messiah, one should be willing to discuss things, willing to collaborate with other players, and able to take criticism. We're not doing it to be mean; we just want to make sure that everyone has the same opportunity to help move Messiah forward, be a part of breathing it to life, and have fun, and that means sometimes we need to tell someone that an idea they had is not going to work as-is. We're not immovable objects, however. Discuss with us, if that thing you want to add is important to the character. We're always willing to, and we're never opposed to working out a way of making that thing work. However, be aware we can't automatically figure out when someone's trying to add something new, so we'll likely approach it as if it were a mistake until told otherwise.

One exception: Messiah has as few races as it does for a reason. We are not adding any more after the fourth race are released.

If, at any point, one should have any questions, asking these in the Guest Services board is welcomed, and encouraged! We love questions, and love the opportunity to engage interested guests and potential players, and get them as excited about our site as we are! Our Discord embed is also always open to questions and similar; please never be afraid to interrupt ongoing conversation with questions! The Discord embed allows posting as a guest, so those that do not wish to get a Discord account do not have to. If one is more comfortable approaching just one person through PM, message either Esmera, dragonborn, or andromeda. Even if they are not the right person to talk to about something, they can direct to the right person.

Please note, slavery and fantasy-racism are part of the site's setting, and general in-character social-issue oriented unpleasantness may occur here. By nature, Messiah touches on some relatively heavy social-issue topics. Those unable to handle such themes, and cleanly keep IC and OOC separate, will likely be relatively miserable here.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License