Site Rules

Our site's rules are mostly simple, and can be found outlined below. One will also find our privacy policy, and a short description of how our characters are created and managed (we do not use SubAccounts, we use a different system).

Not every board is a fit for every player.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, for any reason, at any time. Any and all issues that arise with, or between, players, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, as they come up, should they come up, with respect to circumstance and situation.

New players should fill a wanted request with their first character.

We do have a character snippet thread, short, one to two line ideas, and these are the loosest wanted requests we have available, so one is sure to find something that works, and still be able to create a first character they love. We are thusly essentially semi-canon. Beyond the first, players may make any character they want, but are encouraged to pick up more requests if they find another they like! Filling this first wanted request is intended to give new players starting plots, and at least one player they can plot and interact with, to help get them acclimated to the site.

We have no word count restrictions, no character caps or bans, no activity requirements, and no required application.

Just let us know what's up, and we're all good.

Communicate with your fellow players.

Even if it is not directly, one should always be letting other players know what they're thinking, what kinds of plots they're looking for, any plans they have for their character(s), and when a character or thread is no longer interesting to them. Note that many members of Messiah have varying mental illnesses and several are anxious. We understand. But we're not going to do everything for someone, either. Try. One will find that effort returned. But if someone can't be bothered to try being a part of our site, we're not going to expend the effort to keep them.

No posting templates, no animated, moving images anywhere on site, no images in in-character posts, do not make the font size smaller than it is by default, no neon or otherwise blinding colours.

Please, and thank you.

We allow mixed-media play-bys, but they are optional.

Do not steal artwork from someone else. Please don't use images with clearly modern items; e.g. cell phones, iPods, cars, sunglasses, cables, headphones, etc. There are a few locales that have such technology, but it is all designed differently.

While we have no required application, we do have a biography form.

This is easy to fill out, no coding ability required, it's separated into fields for our players. We do recommend filling at least some of it out, and letting everyone know, in the notes section, what one is thinking/looking for/planning with their character. It'll make plotting a lot easier, promise. With our character management system, one can get their character(s) ready and able to play without waiting on anyone, but we will warn everyone that if something directly contradicts the established site lore, they will get a PM about it.

Fantasy does not equal do whatever you want.

We're sorry, but anyone that's looking for a site they can do whatever they like, in their own corner, and pretend the rest of the board doesn't exist, Messiah is not it. We're going to be upfront about it. However, if one is looking for a friendly, flexible site, built and maintained by its member base, that is willing to discuss things and work new ideas into its setting lore and make new players truly a part of the world, well, here we are. We don't mind adding new things; but don't disrespect us by ignoring our hard work right out the gate, and then be surprised or offended when we put our foot down.
We're always willing to discuss character concepts, and come to agreements on how to work a new thing into the setting. Just be open minded and willing to talk. We are, too.

Messiah is rated high-side PG-13/3.2.2., overall. That rating goes up to NC-17/3.3.3., and due to prevalent mature themes, it is not recommended for players under the age of sixteen (16).

The worst of our mature content is hidden. To unlock it, one needs to fill in their birth date in the forum profile. It will unlock mature threads automatically. However, a thread not being marked mature does not mean it doesn't allude to mature themes, and our site is rife with war, political tension, social injustice, slavery, racism, and more. We're not kidding.

Character Manager

We do not use SubAccounts on Messiah. Instead, we have a different system called the Character Manager, which is coded and maintained by one of our own. The Character Manager is more streamlined for character creation and management than SubAccounts ever was. Characters cannot be directly logged into, all management, editing, and posting, goes through the user account. It is very user-friendly, straight-forward, and easy to get the hang of, no worries. It also comes with an automatic thread tracker, so that's neat.

Just follow the labels and click the buttons that make sense. It should be pretty easy to figure out. To get to it, click the users icon  in the sidebar to get started. From there, click New Character, and from there, it should be easy to figure out!

Privacy Policy

By registering with and logging into Messiah, you are agreeing to our privacy policy.

In order to operate, our forum software creates a session for each user, and links the user to that session with the use of a cookie stored in browser. There are a few other cookies, such as the ones that signal for mobile mode, one that stores the session ID and password hash, and one that indicates forums as read or unread. These cookies only keep a user logged in, store certain information about the user that the forum uses to link them to their account, or assist in the function of the site, and cannot be directly accessed by anyone but the user. Furthermore, it can be cleared at will by simply removing browser cookies.

All information stored in the database is voluntarily added. Profiles may be filled out at will and as one wishes, however, there are a few logs, such as the ones that remember what threads/posts a user has read, that are generated automatically. These cannot be accessed by anything but the forum software, and are employed solely to ensure the site's function.

By nature, our software collects and logs all user IP addresses. These addresses are the numerical routing value used by computers to talk to one another; no matter what you are doing online, you are broadcasting an IP address. Users can opt to hide this IP address, but they do so at their own risk. This IP address is stored only for reference, and cannot be used to pinpoint exact real-world physical location, nor identify a user offline.

Any personal messages that go through the site can and may occasionally be accessed through the database. The system administrators thusly have access to this data and can peruse it at times. The admins do not go through it for kicks, but may just briefly cursory glance at it when doing site maintenance. Messiah does also have PM reporting turned on, so PMs and their full contents may be sent to staff in the event someone reports it.

Users that wish to leave the site may do so, and if they wish for their information to be removed, may save their profile(s) blank. After a certain period of time, accounts will be removed, however, they can be requested to be removed early by the user. For the purpose of story archives, we do not remove posts on Messiah. Even after leaving, all posts and character information remain the intellectual property of the user who wrote it.

Our site will never sell information to someone else, and do not track signals from browsers are adhered to (Messiah uses Google Analytics for insight on traffic sources, and reCaptcha to help fight spam). Similarly, email address input will never lead to receiving emails - in fact, at all. If a user forgets their password, please post in Guest Services to have this retrieved, as the default method of doing so does not work!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License