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These pages go over all the information that pertains to the site's setting flavour. Things such as the magic system, world maps, and things specific to Azaleon like the blood games are all covered. For the most part, these things can be ignored and read at leisure, unless they pertain specifically to the character one is creating. For instance, if one is interested in making a mage, obviously, they'd want some idea of how magic works, and would want to read the aura and magic page. The social classes and world maps pages are somewhat important for most characters, as some nations run heavily on social classing, and one may need to have an idea of how they work, and knowing roughly where everything is in the world is not a bad idea, either.

Aura and Magic should be read for mages, or characters that one expects will someday become one (it does still happen sporadically, and hanging around a specific character on-site can cause one to suddenly manifest capacity for magic).
Blood Games should be read and understood for blood trainers, blood fighters, and Dalmascans or Jihonese that just attend the games often.
Commerce would be needed for anyone that deals in mercantile endeavours; those in illegal trades would fall under this header. However, each nation and Free City has slightly different ways it operates, and different currencies, so be sure to read those, too.
Social Classes covers all the social classes valid on Azaleon, and mentions where they are valid.
World Maps just holds all the maps for the game. Currently there's only one, but detailed maps for the nations and cities are planned eventually.

Each nation and Free City has different cultural aspects, different currencies, different climates and demographics, different governments, and different technological advancement levels, and different auratech. One can find all that information on the locations' pages.

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