Starter Guide

Welcome to Messiah! We're glad you're having a look around!

We are very collaborative a site; one will need to be willing to openly discuss things with other players, and able to handle criticism and occasional correction. Our board is the product of two years of collaboration, and we intend to remain that way. It is okay to mess up, everyone will eventually, because there is a lot to Messiah, so really, we expect everyone to make a mistake at least once. It's part of being human, and that's fine. Just be respectful about it, and we'll be respectful back.


Registering with us is very simple; all accounts registered must be an OOC (out of character) account, one can use an alias if they like (it is actually recommended). There are two things to note; first, our site runs on alpha software coded by one of our players. Wonkiness and glitches may occasionally occur. Secondly, aforementioned software does not have email support as of now, so one will need to visit the site to receive alerts and the like from threads and similar.

One is encouraged to read the site rules and privacy policy before registering. By registering and logging in to the site, a user is accepting these rules and policy. Furthermore, all members should be at or older than sixteen (16) years of age, and older than eighteen (18) to participate in mature threads.

Character Creation

Once logged in, click your name at the top of the site. A drop-down menu will appear; click Manage Characters. From there, select "Create Character" and fill out as much, or as little, of the presented, tabbed biography as you deem necessary. Once complete, check the Ready for Play checkbox, and save, and you're ready to go play immediately, if you'd prefer.

Please do not misunderstand. Not having a required application does not mean we won't be maintaining the site's lore and setting. Not everything can be readily understood by just reading the documentations, and when mistakes are made, we will be sending messages about it, or correcting through in-character action and reaction. The best way to start fully understanding Messiah is to dive into it and play in the world; being a part of it helps solidify understanding, and bring the world to life in one's mind.

Getting Started

The first and easiest way of getting going on Messiah is to start an open thread! All the open threads on our site have been answered by someone, so one is sure to get a response. Just tag the thread open to mark one as open.

The second way of doing so is posting a plotting thread for oneself, or posting in the plotting threads of the other players. Just note, we do eventually go put what is plotted out into motion, so sooner or later, a thread will be started.

Finally, one can also discuss their character and any ideas or plans for them they have, either in their character biography, in the notes section, or in Messiah's Discord. We even have a channel specifically for that, called #idea-banter; there's another called #house-discussion, where users can discuss the house-factions, and plot between each other's houses.

Site Plots

There are many things going on in Messiah's story right now, and many of these things certainly can be participated in, and have room for new characters!

  • Dalmasca and Jihon are at war with Macenia and Galace.
  • Dalmasca, unknown to everyone, currently has no ruler, and the noble lines are mostly in-fighting with each other. Houses will fall and rise in Dalmasca's social ladder constantly, but this does mean that one can quite easily make their own house, and vie for a place among the five major houses!
  • Jihon's ujalin lines are also constantly at war with one another for control over territories. Non-ujalin houses also try to gain control over territory and become ujalin.
  • Macenia's tribes are not very well-united, and occasionally war among one another. Further, they are dwindling in number, and beginning to lose southern territory to Dalmasca. It is thought Macenia is on the verge of falling.
  • Galace, hit the hardest by the war, is primarily concerned with keeping their people alive, and preferably keeping Dalmascans off their lands. Most of their borders are very well-guarded, and while diplomatic relations with most other nations are quiet, their young prince Shilthandien seeks to find a way of stopping Dalmasca.
  • The head of House Essair of Dalmasca is climbing the warlord ladder, aiming to seize the throne of Dalmasca and become Imperator. There are many against him, and many for him, and many more in-between.
  • House Cassimer of Dalmasca also seeks to eventually place one of its own on the Imperator throne. It's not going well.
  • House Asheron and House Lancaster of Dalmasca are at a slight impasse, warring with one another on the arena sands for blood games glory. Currently, Lancaster own the blood fighter that is currently the Blood Champion of Nydema, but Asheron may yet be able to wrest that from them.
  • House Tran of Jihon are at something of a war with House Zhu of Jihon over territory. Tran holds most territory, but Zhu have been trying to encroach on their lands for many years now.
  • The sons of House Tran of Jihon have both vanished, with one disappearing first and the other leaving Jihon to find him. The latter is currently in Dalmasca looking for his brother. House Zhu may or may not know about this; take out the next generation, and the house topples, yes?
  • House Tachibana of Jihon have rather the scandal on their hands, as their daughter murdered her husband with magic, and then disappeared, and soon after so did her brother, who once was a ujal. Tachibana are balanced on the edge of a knife, and stand to lose their ujalin status.
  • Several noble lines, including the ruling one, of the Free City of Haradi, have lost one or more of their children to Dalmasca's slavers. This is putting quite the bit of a damper in diplomatic relations with Dalmasca.
  • Likewise, the Free City of Saqqara have lost nobility to the slave trades in Dalmasca, but recently have managed to purge their city of slavers. Certain Dalmascans and Jihonese slavers are not very happy with that.
  • While the Free City of Highwind have remained mostly out of the Macenia-Galace vs Dalmasca-Jihon conflict, it is beginning to impact their trade lines. The Highwindians may need to get involved, whether they like it or not, or take a heavy impact to their already somewhat weak economy.
  • Some have begun to dismiss the prophecy of the Messiah as a false prophecy, as nothing has happened in the last twenty years. Others believe very strongly in the Messiah, and several cults have sprung up that venerate them almost as a deity. But they are getting to be somewhat dangerous, and are murdering those vocally against magi quite bloodily.
  • Anti-mage sentiment continues to run rampant in Dalmasca and Jihon, and the Macenians are known to mercy-kill anyone found to be a mage.
  • The Free Cities, on the other hand, are continually researching aura and expanding on their auratech.
  • Some lineages scattered across the nations may also have their hands in auratech, albeit rather illegally, and some have a hand in illegally producing and distributing aura weapons.
  • Several sects that follow Ytias or Kirinyaga have sprung up across Dalmasca and Jihon, that seek out magi and help them get to a safe place, typically one of the Free Cities. However, anti-mage organisations have also sprung up that seek them out to kill them, and they have been clashing with the sects that save magi.
  • Galace is facing a strange problem; dark energy is springing up in random places, twisting the flora and fauna both. While Galace continues to attempt to fight it off and prevent the corruption from spreading, it's costing them many of their mages, and southern Azaleon is in more and more danger every day, whether they realise it or not.

Reading Guide

What one should read and understand before creating a character depends on the type of character they wish to create. All of our main pages, such as the races and nations pages, will have links to longer, more detailed pages about each, as well as short summaries. Our setting pages are also summarised on the setting landing page.

Our advice is to read these short summaries, and decide from there what is necessary to read. The only thing we absolutely require one read is the rules page and the history page. Keep in mind that one will find a good deal of real-world things in Messiah. Imperialistic expansion, slavery, and human rights issues are nothing new in the real-world, and our blood games spawn directly off the concept of gladiators. One can theoretically call Messiah a historical fantasy, and they'd be kind of correct.

Beyond some themes and setups that were typical in history, however, there is nothing similar in Messiah to the real-world, but fully "getting" those themes and setups may require a bit of understanding of real-world history. Unfortunately, our site is very developed, and there's a lot to it, but just read what is believed to be necessary for character creation, dive in, and be willing and ready to take occasional nudges in the right direction. A lot of the time, we will also correct mistakes through in-character reaction and narration, rather than directly approaching it, because it's much smoother, overall.

We don't expect every new player to understand everything right off the bat. It's nigh impossible to, anyway, as a lot of the deeper understanding comes from playing in the world and following the example of everyone else. We just expect that new players try to understand what they need to know, and are open to the idea they won't be an expert on day two. Mistakes will be made, and that's okay.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License