We're glad you're having a look at Messiah, and we are excited and proud to bring you an expansive, open-world original fantasy game, lovingly nurtured over the course of two years. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Messiah takes place in a fictional world, modelled somewhat after our own, where magic is new for humes, and the people have become fearful of it, where back-stabbing and well-worded politic games win the war, where dragons roam the skies, and noble houses struggle to further their name and protect their own. And somewhere, out there, is the Messiah, prophesied to be destined to someday rid Azaleon of all humes that cannot use magic… what does that mean for Azaleon? And what will happen to it when the glass castle comes crashing down?

This guide will get you started on your journey with Messiah. Joining us is rather simple, we're sure most can figure it out pretty easily, but for those that would like a step-by-step guide, we present the Starter Guide.


When the humes of Azaleon were given the ability to use magic, only twenty years ago now, the humes were overjoyed. Initial peace settled over the hume nations, as they began to toy with and explore their newfound abilities. A gift from the gods, they called it, a gift that was to be learned and revelled in. It wasn't long, however, before the magic now coursing through their veins proved to be both a gift, and a curse.

Those with the innate, random ability to use magic were proven to oft lose their minds, and the hume peoples slowly turned on their own - those with the gift of magic were ostracised, cast out, or outright murdered, in fear that one of them may be the Messiah, a prophesied mage that would someday purge Azaleon of all humes incapable of magic…


In order to participate in Messiah, one will first need to register an account on the forum. Please register an OOC account first. One is welcome to use whatever name for this OOC account as they would like, so long as it is not already in use. Once registered, one may want to log out, and back in. When first registered and logged in automatically that first time, the system will log the user back out within an hour of registration. It's a quirk of the software, not really something fixable as it isn't really broken, but it is recommended to bypass this by manually logging out, and back in, ticking the "stay logged in" checkbox on the way back in.

Once that is done, find the users icon in the box beneath the navigation (one's username should be up there, the user icon looks like this  , fourth one from the left). From this page, click Create/Link at the bottom, and on the next page, enter the character's name. First Last format, if last is applicable.

Notice: last name would be House name. Slaves and many commoners won't have one. If a character is a member of a vassal or satellite house, their surname is still their house's name, not that of the house they serve. Some commoners may take regional or occupational surnames.

Once a name's been settled on, enter a password (same one twice, does not matter what it is as character accounts cannot be logged into directly), and click Create/Link again. There should now be a drop-down selection called Switch Account in the box we found the users icon in. Use this drop-down to switch onto the new account.

Character Building

Note: Once a character is set up, one should not need to get back on it except to bookmark threads, or edit posts. One can remain on their OOC account.

To set up a character, one will need to be logged in as that character. Find the wrench ( ). The fields presented can be filled out, or not. Play By should be filled in if one is using one; it can be used to credit artist instead, if the play by is artwork or so. The biography field can be filled out any way that is desired.

To get sorted into one's group, and permission to post, find Modify Profile, hover over it, and click "Group Membership." Select the appropriate group (mixed-bloods would sort as whichever race they identify with more), and join it, and done.

Getting Around

At the top of this page is a horizontal list of links (if one is on a mobile device, this is a button with bars at the top). This bar holds a collection of all the links to the varying lore pages and auto-lists on the board. It is recommended one reads as much of what is available to them before deciding on a character background as possible-Azaleon's setting is rich, and one may find their character concept better suits a different angle than they first thought.

Secondly, please be aware some aspects, in order to keep extraneous fluff documentation down, of the setting lore are loose and dropped in small bits in sometimes seemingly random places. This is purposeful, for reason mentioned above, and secondarily, because it is meant to be interpreted by the player characters however they may do so (e.g. the gods are all loose-characters are free to believe how they want to believe).

As the PM system on Messiah is disabled except for staff communications, it is recommended to post a plot thread at some point, or join the Discord. One can also just post opens, if they like, or get to know their fellow players in the Member Discussion board. There are plenty of ways to get going on Messiah, even without the PM system.

If there are any questions at all, we encourage posting in the Guest Services board, even if one is no longer a guest, or asking in the shoutbox at the bottom of the site. The staff of Messiah rather enjoy questions, and we'd be glad to help out.

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