The most separate of the Free Cities, Durya is situated on an island to the southwest of Azaleon, called Amharan Island. As expected of a Free City built on an island, Durya is heavily sea-dependent, and have a very lucrative fishing and ship building industry. Amharan Island itself is home to several miles of farmland, some of which is owned and operated by Durya's citizens, others owned by nobility in Dalmasca or Jihon. Amharan Island is off the coast on the other side of the mountains surrounding Saqqara, but has easy access to the coast of Dalmasca.


Much of Amharan Island is grasslands. Due to the warm water currents, and the mountains to the northeast breaking wind patterns and redirecting the warm, humid air back toward the island, it remains relatively warm and humid most of the year. Most on Amharan, barring those that migrated there from somewhere more northerly, have never seen snow before in their life, as snow never occurs on the island. The growing season lasts throughout the calendar year, simply the kinds of crop that grow and generate produce change somewhat.

In winter, the temperature becomes more temperate and mild, but rarely ever drops below 60° F. With a fairly high humidity index, however, at the height of summer, the island can feel warmer than it is, temperatures often going upwards of 90°, and feeling more like in the hundreds.


Like all Free Cities, Durya does not have a specific gender lean to its society. All genders have a chance of making some sort of name for themselves, and there are legal protections in place to help law enforcement defend citizens against sexual discrimination. Some from other nations may have a slight bit of a patriarchal mindset, but they learn.

Durya's music and artwork is known to be loud, vibrant, and colourful. They favour pounding drum rhythms, clanging sounds from cymbals and tambourines, and vocals. It is not rare for entire farms to sing throughout the workday together, typically not having any kind of lyric, but just being melodies. Their music is often upbeat and fast-paced, with mid-range tones. Dance is free and unimpeded by social concept of appropriateness. All are encouraged to give it a try. Paintings and sculptures are often created in abstract caricature, and vibrant colours are used in artworks and in most fabrics and clothing created in and around Durya.

Education is optional, but available for those who want it. The city offers educational assistance to those that cannot afford schooling on their own, but attendance is not required, and there are a plethora of opportunities that do not require education beyond simple mathematics and literacy.

Durya is the only Free City known to outright execute slavers found in their city, or even on the Amharan Island in general. The Duryans have absolutely no tolerance for slavery business in or around their city, and have upped the punishments and border control significantly since Dalmasca and Jihon began invading Free Cities lands for new slaves. Due to this, finding a slave from Durya is extremely rare, and the Duryan government offer generous monetary rewards for returning enslaved Duryans to the city; they offer even more to anyone that can find which slaver it was that caught them, that they can be tried and executed for hume rights violations.

All Free Cities have legalised homosexuality, and legally recognise same-sex marriages, and polyamoury. Similarly, they all have a concept of transgenderism. Durya is one of the nations that has the technology to begin hormone replacement treatments and perform top surgery, but not the technology to complete bottom surgery.

Duryan names tend toward Hindi in sound.

Currency and Trade

Durya mints its own coins, several silver coins (there are three, one is larger, and another is darker a silver), a gold, a copper, and a bronze. The coins are vaguely in the shape of a gear, with a hole in the middle so the coins can be strung together. The Duryan currency unit is called the sleofa.

As with all Free Cities, Durya accepts barter-trade, and will accept the currencies of other Free Cities and nations.


Most in Durya have decent livelihoods; work is always to be found, even if it isn't skilled, and doesn't pay a whole lot. Labourers and bottom-rung workers must be paid enough sleofa to make a living, at least, and while some may find it a tight squeeze, they can at least find a place to live and afford to eat.

In general, Durya's death and birth rates are mostly even; they are experiencing a slight population increase via emigration, however, albeit a small cluster of Duryans leave for Saqqara every year, most likely due to educational interests.


The only Free City that is not ruled by a monarch or a council, Durya is, in theory, a democracy, but in effect, more of a technocracy. Those in power, whom do the general decision-making for the city, are often specialists in a particular field, usually either medical or engineering in lean. Thus, Durya is actually rather progressively-oriented, and tends to be the first of the Free Cities to discover or attempt a new thing, whatever the thing is this time.


As with all Free Cities, Durya has no single organised religion. There are as many atheists as there are spiritualists as there are those reverent of Kirinyaga. All major temples and religious orders have a presence in the Free Cities, but no single one is given overall, government-backed preference, so which one a citizen of a Free City backs is entirely personal and up to them.


Like other Free Cities, Durya has a wide range of auratech and mundane technology available to it. Their ships are strongly built, and often reinforced by auratech in the varying gadgets and gizmos available on the ships, such as advanced ultrasonic underwater mapping and radar technology. Some Duryan ships can communicate with other Duryan ships through transmission of ultrasonic wave patterns, but it is often very vague.

Durya has a massive, advanced water transport system, collecting rainwater, moving it around the island's parameter for filtration reasons, and then releasing it in controlled amounts across the many fields in Durya. The water cleaning system in the city proper works a similar way, and allows the water in the city to be reused. Durya was blessed by the presence of a natural underground aquifer, from which it sources its drinking water. The water in the aquifer is rainwater filtered through layers of sediment and volcanic rock, and collects in the aquifer. It is lauded as the cleanest, most natural water on Azaleon, and large glass bottles of the water are often sent to other nations for trade. It is highly valued in healing.

Aura cannons and guns are becoming more normal in and around Durya, starting with the sentry towers armed with aura cannons. Doors have become able to be locked and only unlocked via certain aura residue signatures, increasing information and goods security. The thermal engine is used in small vehicles for day to day transport, meaning Durya has rudimentary hover cars.

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