Far removed from the established nations, and most other Free Cities, Highwind is a Free City often on its own. Some call it a democratic republic, but Highwind is more of just a republic, and smaller in general population size than other Cities, as a direct result of its more recent establishment, only a few hundred years ago. With close proximity to Galace, however, it has a decent ilim population, and the City often trades with Galace. Highwindians' familiarity with Galace and the ilim's magic tends to make them more tolerant of magi than normal for humes, if not sympathetic to their plight.


Like their northern Galacese neighbours, Highwind sees rather cooler temperatures than the southern locales of Azaleon. Rarely does the overall temperature rise above 78° F, even at the height of summer, but, trapped between two different air currents, Highwind does not see many variation in temperature to begin with. The lowest temperature recorded, in winter, was 35° F. As such, Highwind rarely sees snow, and when they do, it doesn't last long. Deep freezes are not typical in the region, either.


Like all Free Cities, Highwind does not have a specific gender lean to its society. All genders have a chance of making some sort of name for themselves, and there are legal protections in place to help law enforcement defend citizens against sexual discrimination. Some from other nations may have a slight bit of a patriarchal mindset, but they learn.

Art and music are simplistic, and reflect the innate practical nature of the Highwindians themselves. Most artwork depicts the every day lives those in Highwind, mostly farmers, loggers, or miners, lead. Any crafted items are typically those that have a day to day use, such as cooking utensils, blankets and baskets, or the like. Music is simple, and typically created with things the Highwindians have on hand, such as vocals, drum rhythms, or the tinkling sounds made by tapping ceramics or glassware together.

Highwind is fortunate enough to have not seen a slaver in over two decades. However, the city is small and close knit enough, likely, a slaver wouldn't get far before someone noticed, and shot him with an arrow.

None really have the wealth for educational efforts, and most don't need them, not in Highwind. If one can learn a craft or a trade, or perform manual labour, then that's all they really need. However, some small opportunity to learn to read and write, gain basic mathematical skills, and learn to operate choice machinery, is available.

All Free Cities have legalised homosexuality, and legally recognise same-sex marriage, and polyamoury. Similarly, they all have a concept of transgenderism. However, Highwind does not have the technology for sex changes, even hormone replacement, so if a Highwindian wanted one, they'd need to travel south.

Highwindian names tend toward Germanic and Slavic.

Currency and Trade

The Highwindians mint three coins, a small gold coin, a slightly larger silver one, and a large bronze. These are called the birr, but despite this, those in Highwind don't tend to depend heavily on these coins, and normally only use them for travellers that would rather have coin. Among one another and the other Cities and Galace, Highwind falls back on barter-trading systems.


Highwind's birth and death rates are steady. Few come in or leave, and the population numbers also remain steady. Highwind doesn't have particularly impressive lifespans, on average, however, with most not making it beyond 75 years old. There are no particularly wealthy individuals in Highwind, with the people all remaining around the same level of wealth as everyone else. Wealth is somewhat subjective, as the people lead simplistic lives, and prefer to keep only what they need, and never really live in excess.


Being a republic, the people of Highwind are ruled by elected leaders. These leaders serve in the role they were elected to for a certain number of years, and then, in small groups over the course of a few months, are replaced. Leaders cannot be elected twice in a row, and must wait until at least the second election after one that they won, to run for office again.


Highwind has no single organised religion, as with all Free Cities. There are as many athiests as there are spiritualists as there are reverent of Kirinyaga. All major temples and religious orders have presence in the Free Cities, but no single one is given overall, government-backed preference, so which one a citizen of a Free City backs is entirely personal and up to them. In Highwind, however, there is the extra bonus of being so far removed from the native territories of each religious order. These orders are very secular, as a result, and may follow tenants that the main religious body does not.


What auratech Highwind does have available is very rudimentary in comparison to that available in other Free Cities. To some, Highwind is fairly primitive, and does not offer the same luxury amenities as other places, but they are hospitable, willing to share what they do have, and do not discriminate. Their technology is aimed at practicality, and the concentration of loose aura is not thick enough in Highwind to lend toward auratech that requires massive amounts of power or have wide scopes. Highwindians are proud people, and do not mind needing to work a bit harder for what they have.

They are, however, extremely skilled in herbalism and the use and application of varying poisons and venoms. Highwindian healers can craft a neurotoxin that'll stop the heart in five minutes. They're also decent with hallucinatory and sedative drugs, and their medical practises may be somewhat odd to most, but they work very well. Those in Highwind are in tune with the natural world, similar to how the Galacese are, and know how to work with what's around them.

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