House Argyros
Boundless faith.
Head of House NPC
Established 200+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Serves Assad
Location Haradi

The oldest vassal line of House Assad, those of House Argyros have been with Haradi and House Assad for many generations. The line are merchants, and own a good deal of land in and around Haradi. Much of the market trade fluctuation in the Free City happens because of, or goes through, House Argyros, and it is they whom traditionally track taxes and tariffs.


Most of House Argyros maintain that they've held power in the region Haradi was established in since long before Haradi existed, but this cannot be acceptably proven. House Argyros are, at least, one of the oldest houses in the city, and have held power in it for about as long. Originally, the family were farmers, and still own a good deal of land today, but anymore, they are more well-known for cutting and export of haranite, and it is thought to be House Argyros' miners that first discovered the valuable gemstone in the Ivory Mountains.

Since their presence in Haradi first started, the line has almost always backed House Assad, albeit this changes occasionally, when a new leader takes over, and Assad they may be, but worthy of the throne they are not. Incidentally, House Argyros are the first to speak in defence of Assad when they deserve it, but also the first to rail against them should they not.

Traditionally, House Argyros controls and maintains the payment of sales and trade taxes, the implementation and enforcement of foreign trade tariffs, and track and maintain the city's treasury. Most often, House Assad's secretary of treasury is Argyros. Argyros and Assad have intermarried on multiple occasions, and the two could be considered to be branches of one another. Indeed, due to the lack of historical account of it, it is thought Assad and Argyros were at one time the same house, and separated naturally over time.


Under most circumstance, little is really known about House Argyros, but the people of Haradi are at least aware they're the ones maintaining the market and economy. It's also House Argyros that stimulate it when it begins to fail, and a good number of mining and jewel cutting jobs are sponsored by House Argyros. Most don't really consciously think about this house, but that's really how the Argyros' prefer it.

Known For

Known as the discoverers and pioneers of haranite, House Argyros was also the first to attempt to store loose aura within the gemstone. These experiments were quite successful, significantly raising haranite's value in the eyes of those that had a use for aura receptacles. A vast number of small haranites are embedded in the walls and towers around House Argyros' lands, and act as small aura cannons.



— NPCs


Kalix (formerly Kalix Argyros, is now enslaved in Dalmasca)


To be honest, make an Argyros, dragonborn will be happy. Much of the line is really open-ended, and eventually Kalix may go home, but despite creating House Argyros, dragonborn doesn't really have anything particular in mind for the line, so lots of creative wiggle room is still available.

Relations With Other Lineages

Very friendly with House Assad, of course. They are also fairly friendly with Saqqara's House Lucain and House Ihsan, albeit far more distantly. They also don't really much care for most of Dalmasca's nobility (barring Essair and Asheron), as they tend to be more of a pain in the ass than they're worth. House Argyros are, of course, attempting to locate their lost member (Kalix), and return them home, and Dalmasca's not been helpful in that endeavour thus far.

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