House Asheron
But we are not men.
Head of House Livia Asheron
Established 600+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals None
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

The longest standing major noble line in Dalmasca, House Asheron is a name that everyone knows, and many fear. The line began humbly, and steadily rose through class after class, going from commoners to nobility, to the biggest name in Dalmascan history. Anything big in the history books is almost always guaranteed to have the name Asheron tied to it somewhere, and all major lineages in Dalmasca have some blood from Asheron in their ancestry.


The earliest records of House Asheron hail not from Dalmasca, but from the eastern shores of Macenia. Incidentally, House Asheron predates the nation they hold power in, and relocated to Dalmasca a scant few years after its unification. Some surmise the Asherons may have even had a hand in Dalmasca's founding, but if they do, that is one wild tale they've never told.

They began, so they say, as mere common peasants, farmers, that owned several acres of land, and knew how to use that land. In time, they purchased surrounding lands, bought out other farmers in the vicinity, and ended up with quite the sprawling field of vegetation and orchard. By accident, the stories tell, one of House Asheron left fruits to ferment, and discovered wine, and wine, after all, has now become the most popular alcoholic drink in Dalmasca, and the long and short of it is, wine was their ticket to wealth and glory.

House Asheron became nobility on wealth alone, and their vineyards and farms kept their house financially sustained. Through trade with other major houses, earning those houses' favour, they soon enough came into power as a major Dalmascan noble line, and have been there ever since, well over four hundred years after. The House have not always been friends with their fellow highly esteemed nobles, but Asheron have outlasted them all. In time, the House became most skilled at rhetoric and political ploy. Some theorise their most opposed houses were, through well-worded rumour and stoking the right political fires, if even perhaps some digging through proverbial garbage, eventually brought down by Asheron themselves, albeit covertly. As with their closest friends, House Essair, none can pin this directly and without doubt on House Asheron, and that's just how they like it.

In recent years, House Asheron have come to own several thousand acres of land; well over half the farmland and vineyards in Dalmasca at all. Their farmlands produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and wine, and a large majority of produce, meat, dairy items, and wine come from House Asheron. They are, at this point, virtually untouchable, for tearing House Asheron down would undoubtedly doom Dalmasca to a food shortage that would last, perhaps, decades, and those that attempt such would likely be starved into surrender.

The current head of house, Livia Asheron, began dealing in the Blood Games, and trains, much to the chagrin of the Dalmascan patriarchy, her blood fighters herself, making her the first female blood trainer. Livia tends to keep her fighters to the harmless street fights, from which the major games evolved, and thus rarely ever loses a fighter. Her fighters are, however, skilled enough that they do partake in major games from time to time, but Livia is very careful which ones they take on. Her blood fighters may not reach international acclaim, nor rip House Lancaster from their blood games pedestal, but they do live, and they are very beloved of commoners, as is she.

House Asheron has already placed itself behind Kassandros Essair in his vie for the imperator throne. This has placed them at odds with House Lancaster, and Marcus Cassimer's branch of House Cassimer, but Livia does not intend to change her mind.


There are two ways one can see House Asheron; either they are angels, influential and helpful in their ways, and never known to be discriminatory, or they are a thorn in one's side and really need to just get off their high horse now. Many look down on House Asheron for being the only major noble line to not only encourage female presence in politics, but to go so far as to have a female head of house of all things.

Furthermore, most other blood trainers do not appreciate Livia being a trainer herself, as she is often believed to be too feminine to manage it well, and most argue she is spoiling her fighters. They do, however, often blame her parents for raising her with such incorrect notions as that she can do whatever she wants. So, while some may see House Asheron in a good light, and appreciate what they do for slaves and commoners, others view them as spoilt and too tenacious for their own good.

Known For

The House owns several thousand acres of farmland and vineyard; if one wants a good wine, it's House Asheron they go to. They are also rumoured to be in cahoots with pirates, but no one's really managed to draw direct connection, and, through their dealings with House Essair, Asheron have access to the black market that others don't. They do not flaunt this, but anyone that's aware of their friendliness with Essair and what Essair deals in, can guess as much.

Most of their farmland and vineyard is managed and worked by former slaves of the House. As such, it's pretty well-known that House Asheron likes to free slaves. Often.




Livia Asheron


Alcides (Ashmedai)
Suyis (son of one of House Asheron's freedmen, so, sort of, but push comes to shove, he's Asheron)


Axelius (Nikanor)
Regillus (Jayme)


Contact andromeda, either through her plotter, or Discord.

Relations With Other Lineages

House Asheron are on great terms with House Essair. They also mostly get along with House Greyson, but Lancaster's head of house really dislikes Livia (and that's fine, she fucking hates his ass, too), and Marcus of Cassimer dislikes her as well, despite being related to her (his cousin is her mother). There is talk, however, of Livia marrying Damian, Marcus' second (adoptive) son, and this may or may not happen. House Asheron were also on decent terms with House Kenleigh before it fell, and is probably the only house besides Essair that really feels any true remorse regarding their fall.

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