House Assad
When the rich wage war, it's the poor that die.
Head of House Sidonai Assad
Established 500+ Years Ago
Class Royalty
Vassals Argyros
Location Haradi

The rulers of the Free City of Haradi for the last several generations, and the source of the auratech movement in the west, House Assad are an old and honoured lineage. Formerly warlords, the House have roots in the Ivory Mountains, at the base of which Haradi sits, but they are believed to have originally been Macenian.


Some attribute House Assad with building and establishing Haradi in the first place, but that is not quite correct. In the earliest years of House Assad, the house had a different name, a name that has been forgotten now. The original house stood as the heads of a powerful warrior tribe from Macenia, which sought to escape the territory wars that Macenia is known for, and establish territory of their own, and easily defend it. They chose the southeastern base of the Ivory Mountains, just outside Macenia and Dalmasca's borders.

Dalmasca, at the time, were a fledgling nation, but eventually turned sights on the mines and farmland that the small tribe had begun to create. By chance, the tribe had unearthed a then-unknown precious gemstone, that cut beautifully and created some of the most attractive cut jewels Azaleon had ever seen. This gemstone became called haranite, and the tribe had found the only deposit of haranite anywhere on the continent. Ultimately, Dalmasca repeatedly went to war with the tribe, hoping to gain control over the haranite mines, with the farmland around the mountains being but a bonus side-effect.

The tribe, at some point, had two children that could have taken over after the tribal chief passed away. Both were favoured in their ways, and both were loved by the tribesmen, had led successful defence raids, and protected the tribe's mines and best interests. Ultimately, when the chief passed away, the older of the two decided they would have a contest of wits, to see which of his heirs was more tactically capable, and thereby which would lead the tribe forward. The younger, a son, Naitheron, won; his elder sister, Kythra, stepped down gracefully. However, it was later revealed Naitheron had cheated, and Kythra was the rightful chief. The tribe split, some supporting Kythra, others supporting Naitheron, and Kythra changed her name to Kythra Assad. House Assad was born.

After some time, chasing one another around the mountains, Kythra's armies eventually overcame Naitheron's, and Kythra became the chief of the small tribe. Under her rule, the tribe eventually became the Free City of Haradi, and House Assad, her descendants, have remained its rulers ever since her. Naitheron's descendants, eventually, were merged back into House Assad, and none can now really tell which side of the House is Kythra's and which is Naitheron's, but the House truthfully don't care, and they all consider themselves, and each other, Kythra's.

Most recently, House Assad came under leadership of Sidonai Assad, who, like Kythra, carries the trait for red eyes. Only one of his sons inherited the red. His eldest, Ryhil, should theoretically take over House Assad, and the throne of Haradi, after him, but Ryhil has never had interest in it. Tihaan, Sidonai's youngest, however, always has. Beloved of Haradi's people, Tihaan is often called the People's Prince. Unfortunately, Tihaan has been missing, enslaved in Dalmasca, for six years. Haradi's morale is at a low, and House Assad are about ready to start a war with Dalmasca, should they continue to refuse to help find their missing prince.


Like Kythra, House Assad have rather the brilliant minds and tacticians in their family. House Assad are also known to be intelligent enough to produce quite a few engineers.

Known For

It was House Assad, and Haradi, that first began the auratech movement, and as such, are one of the most technologically advanced locales on Azaleon. Much of their auratech was designed and prototyped in Haradi itself.


Sidonai Assad (current head of house and king of Haradi)
Ryhil Assad (Sidonai's eldest son, currently in Dalmasca looking for his brother)
Tihaan Assad (known as Pallas, Sidonai's youngest son, currently enslaved in Dalmasca)


Contact Esmera. You can post in her plotter and banter ideas, but as long as some effort at making a member of House Assad fit in is made, that's great, go for it. Sidonai could have siblings, and may even have kids that are either between Ryhil and Tihaan (Ryhil is 24, Tihaan is 21), or younger than Tihaan, his being youngest isn't necessary. Ryhil's being oldest is, so he's the age roof. Maybe cousins or something, also doable. House Assad also has openings for their crownsguard and Haradi's military.

Relations With Other Lineages

Good friends with House Lucain, House Argyros are one of their vassal lines and have been for a long time now. They also get along decently with the royalty of Galace, but they're not fond of Jihon's and most of Dalmasca's. They eventually are intended to make a diplomatic tie with House Essair, and publicly support Kassandros' grab for Imperator, so there's that.

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