House Cassimer
The truth prevails.
Head of House Marcus Cassimer
Established 300+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals Salonus
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

Despite how infamous the name Cassimer is, they are newer to the nobility scene. Only a scant few decades ago, Cassimer were commoners serving under House Asheron; that is, until the current head of house, Marcus Cassimer, came into power and rather swiftly built wealth, and then shoehorned them into the warlord class, eventually surpassing their former patron house.


The specific origins of House Cassimer are debatable, and none really remember where they came from exactly, nor how and why and when they were established, only that they were. Throughout Dalmascan history, the name Cassimer appears rather quite often, much as their parent house, House Asheron, does, but their name did not become particularly venerated until much later. For a period of time, House Cassimer were a smaller, more mobile offshoot of House Asheron's mercantile lean. They were not, as is commonly rumoured now, the warlord vassal lineage of House Asheron.

House Cassimer remained a minor vassal line for many, many hundreds of years, and, in more recent times, following the ascension of Marcus Cassimer as head of house, reached a level of clout of their own worthy of a major lineage. House Cassimer built great amounts of wealth in a very short span of time, primarily thanks to Marcus' dealings in real estate. Through these dealings and lucrative sales, House Cassimer's overall wealth stores outshined House Asheron's, and through their wealth, the House separated from Asheron and became a major line in their own right.

Immediately following this, Marcus and several of his siblings went into the military, and between them, managed to gain enough clout and tactile prowess among the soldiers that they reached warlord status within a few months, and within another few years, had soldiers that were under their direct command. Many are certain Marcus aimed originally to reach justicar status, and move the House into the elite major Houses that held leadership status, but only one of their number managed to make it to justicar, and not for long, with only a few years' service time under his belt before his mysterious disappearance.

Marcus' eldest son, Lucius, later went into the military himself, and some minor split in the House is now apparent. Marcus and Lucius do not get along, and disagree on a very wide range of subjects. Ultimately, those that are under Lucius' direct command hold no allegiance to Cassimer itself, but only to Lucius. Conversely, those that support Marcus actually support the House and its overall goals and range of members, not Marcus personally. This disconnect threatens to separate House Cassimer into two, splitting the House between Lucius and Marcus, as the rest of the House are much the same; some support one, and others support the other. Varying rumours and hearsay have spread throughout Nydema, as well, rumours that Marcus may have gotten his hands rather dirty over the years, purportedly dealing in such things as fraud, tax evasion, rape, torture, and purposeful sinking of his own vassal lines when they become a threat. In recent years, House Asheron have pulled support from Marcus, as well.

Presently, Marcus' side of House Cassimer seem to have taken grave offence to House Essair's recent climb into the warlord class. It is now quite normal for the two to be at one anothers' rhetorical necks in public discourse, and House Cassimer have threatened their young head of house multiple times.


In most situations, when one thinks of House Cassimer, they recognise and respect Marcus' tactical capabilities. However, he is not good with people whatsoever, and can be rather cruel and unnecessarily vicious and forceful. House Salonus, scorned by many for their exclusive dealings in pleasure slaves, primarily children, is known to be a vassal line of House Cassimer, installed there by Marcus. Lucius has, on many an occasion, made it quite well known how he feels about that. Marcus is also known to be extremely strict and by the book about laws and how things are done, and rarely ever takes routes that aren't tried and true. Likewise, he would, if necessary, turn on his own family if he felt they were deserving of it.

In many ways, House Cassimer can be, and usually is, seen as one of the most ruthless Houses in the lineup.

Known For

House Cassimer are presently the most wealthy house in Dalmasca, and Marcus is personally considered the most wealthy man in the nation. They're also known for having rather the array of strange and rare artefacts, and knowing rather the thing or two about real estate.




Marcus Cassimer
Lucius Cassimer
Damian Cassimer (adopted, Bauman by blood)


Honestly, make a Cassimer. Just make sure the established histories and house information are taken into account and kept to.

Relations With Other Lineages

Cassimer and House Greyson do not interact, so it is unknown what their feelings are in regard to one another. House Asheron were formerly their patron house, and were at one point on decent terms with them; Asheron's current head of house's mother is actually Marcus' cousin, and they were close. Asheron have mostly changed their minds about that open support, and while they have not outright scorned House Cassimer, they have made it clear they're on Kassandros Essair's side.

House Essair, which Kassandros leads, is in a bit of a cold war with Cassimer, specifically Marcus as they get on with Lucius fine, and the two have been taking pot-shots at one another in the shadows for months. House Lancaster don't seem to feel one way or another, but they do have a tiny bit of hero worship issue with Marcus.

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