House Essair
Love is as blind as madness.
Head of House Kassandros Essair
Established 400+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals Wynbrandt
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

Rising stars to the Warlord class, the Essair family can trace their line back dozens of generations, but only recently had they become a well-known name. Formerly mercantile class nobility, the Essairs began wealthy and that is nearly all, but with the ascension of their current head of house to power, the lineage have gained a foothold into the military, and still continue to climb the ladder. Their emblem is a cobra, indicative of their covert ways, and, strangely, a large number of those patrolling Nydema's streets wear the same emblem.


Many years ago, over four hundred, albeit none can now trace the Essair line to an exact year of establishment, the Essairs were a small commoner family. Some say they were nomads from Macenia originally, that had crossed borders and wandered into Dalmasca in order to distance themselves from the constant tribal warring that Macenia is known for. The House initially minded their own business, but soon proved capable, and willing, to go into regions and settlements for rare artefacts that other houses and merchants wouldn't dare. Essair became a driving force behind the market, and are thought to be the originators of the black market, on which illicit goods are traded and sold.

In the years following, Essair became beloved of high class nobility. The house always had their hands in perhaps not so legal dealings, but they were never very overt about it, and remained difficult to pin down as the source of such illegal matters. However, in recent years, the House began aiming for a place among the Dalmascan justicars, seeking to expand and strengthen their influence. The former head of house, Vopiscus Essair, liked to think he had a hand in this daring venture, but it was actually his eldest son that got such a shift really moving.

Nowadays, House Essair command several vassal lineages below them, and a criminal syndicate only called the Cobras. Following his father's mysterious demise, current head of house, Kassandros, has taken the black market and trade of both firearms and illegal drugs by storm, making deals and alliances with pirates and mercenaries, and has, over time, steadily replaced the law enforcement in Nydema with his own Cobras. Now, over two-thirds of the capital's police force are under House Essair's banner, and with two military tours, and a third soon, Kassandros has managed to push House Essair into the Warlord class.

Some theorise he is not merely after a justicar seat. Some think he aims far beyond that stage, and House Lancaster and House Cassimer currently stand firmly against his theoretical intentions. Should he prove to be after the Imperator seat, as the two other major houses believe, he will be struck down. If they're lucky.


House Essair's emblem is a cobra, as they are known to be very good at subtlety, and often seem harmless to most, until they aren't anymore. The saying about keeping one's friends close, but their enemies closer, is nearly a motto for the House, as they pay very close attention to everything. Some know that the House often becomes rather vicious in defence of what they believe to be theirs, particularly anymore, but this is a newer reputation, one that is steadily gaining traction.

Some amongst the higher class nobility believe that Kassandros is overreaching, and the house is doomed to fail.

Known For

The House has most of the control over the black market. It's something of an open secret. Most know this, but cannot prove it. The House are also known to have a large number of their bannermen acting as city security in Nydema, albeit none are sure when that happened.




Kassandros Essair, head of house
Icarus Essair, Kassandros' first twin
Cygnus Essair, Kassandros' second twin
Ksenia Essair, the triplets' mother


Atenra Lancaster
Haku Tachibana
Hien Tran
Sepheres Allendale
Victoria Lancaster
Xiaodan Tachibana


Gannicus (Surya)
Leon (Vaenos)
Lycaon (Alasdair)
Medea (Missanissa)
Merenwen (she's forgotten her slave name)
Pallas (Tihaan)
Septima (Thetis)
Thanatus (Thana, doesn't remember his real name)
Vitus (Nikias)


Estelle Essair
Sandalio Essair
Tristán Essair



Vopiscus Essair, Kassandros' father


Contact Esmera, whether this be in her plotter, or through Discord. There are also several wanted requests in the Wanted board for Essair relatives and vassal houses.

Relations With Other Lineages

House Essair are on good terms with House Asheron and House Greyson. They're also known to be allies with both Suyis, a well-known pirate and bounty hunter. House Cassimer, at least Marcus' branch, is amid a cold war with Kassandros, and House Lancaster are presently not terribly for Kassandros' power climb.

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