House Greyson
Beneath the same sun.
Head of House Adranos Greyson
Established ~200 Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals None
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

Newcomers to the major noble lines of Dalmasca, Greyson were originally a minor house serving House Kenleigh, and when Kenleigh fell, Greyson arose to take their place. For the most part, Greyson have kept their noses clean, and remained out of interhouse conflict, but with the rise of the house as a major power in Dalmasca, that, most likely, will change, and soon, despite their head of house's attempts to prevent them from being dragged into it.


The house itself is several hundred years old, albeit the house were never anything to write home about, and much of the history regarding the family itself is lost. They are believed to be descended from another major house that formerly had presence in Dalmasca, and the stories maintain the house were the result, essentially, of a split. Greyson branched off, and decided to go it alone.

Times were hard for the small house, however, and it took many more generations before things became even remotely stable for them. In recent times, they became friendly with House Kenleigh, and later fell in step as one of their vassals. Greyson cannot prove it, but believe that House Warwicke had something to do with Kenleigh's fall, and even without that interference, the House certainly was on a fast track to distaster, that much the Greysons cannot deny.

Unlike their patron house, however, Greyson had no choice but to climb the ladder of wealth using any means necessary, and they do deal in pretty illegal subject matter. None are aware it's the Greysons, many believe it's House Essair, but Greyson certainly aren't going to correct this misunderstanding. Essair have their own illegal dealings, and if they're going to take the fall, inadvertently, Greyson won't complain. Adranos isn't much fond of Kassandros, anyway. Doesn't hate him, at least, but that's about the best he can say about the kid.

Greyson own a mercenary guild, and may or may not be the source of a vast majority of House Cassimer's assassins sent to House Essair, but they're still doing their best to stay out of it. Greyson don't know the major nobility scene well enough to feel confident picking a side, and will most likely refuse to do so until given no other choice.


Currently, none, really. They are not known to be cruel to their slaves, however.

Known For

Most don't connect the two, but House Greyson are the leading mercenary leaders in Dalmasca. A vast majority of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and asssassins in Dalmasca operate under Greyson's banner.




Adranos Greyson (he is aphelion's character, but is not registered as of now)


Post in aphelion's plotter, toss out ideas. Adranos does have a mother, and several younger siblings (he is in his mid-thirties), may have young-ish nephews or nieces.

Relations With Other Lineages

Currently, Greyson are not friendly, nor unfriendly, with any other house. Albeit, they were on decent terms with their former patron house, Kenleigh, and may or may not have quiet beef with Warwicke, as they're fairly sure Warwicke had a hand in Kenleigh's fall.

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