House Ihsan
Rise above it.
Head of House Kaspian Ihsan
Established 200+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Serves Lucain
Location Saqqara

Originally hailing from Highwind, House Ihsan are a more recent addition to the vassals of House Lucain, but they are no less loyal for it. Rescued personally from poverty and certain eventual death by the King of Saqqara himself, the House have pledged loyalty to the Lucains, and to Saqqara, in return.


Emigrants to the Free City of Saqqara from the northern city of Highwind, House Ihsan's family line came to the valley of Nashret seeking better opportunities, and a new life. Highwind struggles, and the Ihsan family did, too, perhaps more than most. The current head of house was born when the family were still struggling to make ends meet, and his mother, Kathleen, had two children and no easy means of caring for them. Things were rough; but, eventually, King Sahura himself offered Kathleen work in the palace, and the family slowly started to find life became much easier.

In return for giving them the opportunity to get on their feet, by their own power, and not simply giving them hand-outs, something the proud Highwindian in them greatly appreciated, the family intended to serve House Lucain, and be happy with it. The House steadily gained enough wealth to expand their home, and eventually had a small manor. Kathleen's children were able to afford schooling, and where the current head of house Ihsan, Kaspian, became part of the Saqqaran palace's security force, his sister Alison became part of Saqqara's police.

Now, House Ihsan is recognized as a noble house in its own right, opting to become a vassal lineage under House Lucain. House Ihsan commands Saqqara's royal guard, and the forces under Kaspian's jurisdiction keep the palace and royal family safe, but mostly, they focus on helping Saqqara's police and military keep the city safe, as the Lucains hardly ever need protection. The Ihsans have also helped establish shelters and varying programs across Saqqara to help other struggling lineages in similar boats as they were in, once, and their name is rather well-known in the city. Multiple times, they've also acted as diplomats and bannermen for House Lucain, visiting other Free Cities and even the nations, to discuss political matters with other world leaders.


Above all, House Ihsan are known to be generous, but they do take their jobs very seriously. No House rises faster in defense of House Lucain, or Saqqara, than Ihsan, except, perhaps, House Lucain itself.

Known For

Many of Saqqara's programs and resources for poor and struggling Saqqarans were funded and established by House Ihsan, and this is no secret to the rest of the city.



Kaspian Ihsan ( current head of house, werefox )
Alison Ihsan ( Kaspian's elder sister, adoptable, would have to be a were )


Kathleen Ihsan ( technical house founder, she died about seventy years ago of natural causes )


Kaspian is certainly old enough, by now, to have kids, and so is Alison, so children of either one of those could definitely have happened and be made freely. There's not much established in Ihsan's history, nor Kaspian or Alison's, so you're more or less allowed free reign, welcome to post in Ian's plotter (aphelion) if you've got any questions about either sibling or the House in general, but otherwise, go for it. Alison is also technically an adoptable role, her play-by was Mila Kunis last she was played, and she should probably be Saqqara's chief of police by now. Haha.

Kaspian and the royal guard will eventually be sent to Dalmasca, to act as assistant guards to House Essair, until they manage to build up their own forces, as a show of House Lucain backing Kassandros for Dalmascan Imperator, so it'd be easiest if Ihsan kiddies were in the royal guard, too, as that'd open a huge plotting door ( Essair is basically where the party's at ).

Relations With Other Lineages

The only other House they are terribly familiar with would be House Lucain, with which they are very close. Kaspian is a trusted friend and adviser to the royal family, and Alison not far behind him, both valued and trusted in their ways. Beyond that, they will eventually get very familiar with House Essair, and they are on friendly terms with House Assad and House Argyros.

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