House Kanesuke
Head of House NPC
Established 200+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals None
Location Jihon

This house is a template house. It may be either overthrown, and replaced with another house of a player's choosing, or adopted and run as-is. What is here is all that is "established;" things beyond what is here on this page can be decided on if a player opts to adopt it, or tweaked to one's liking, thereby, this house is not exactly board canon.

The creator of this template house is Esmera. Please contact them if you need clarification on anything here.

Some say House Kanesuke's prime is passing, and they wouldn't be terribly wrong. Formerly a ujalin line, Kanesuke had several different ujals in their lineage at once, at one time, but those glory days have passed, and Kanesuke's influence is waning. It is, perhaps, only a matter of time until they fall from the major lines, and end up supporting another house instead.


House Kanesuke is well-known for having a large amount of military influence. Some of the House's ancestors literally wrote the book on military treatise, and many of Jihon's unique means of battle formation and tactic can be attributed to the Kanesukes. They gained much influence with other militarily leaned houses over the years, and are said to have created their own greatest opposition, and this would not be wrong. It is one of history's greatest ironies, perhaps, that the Kanesukes essentially raised their own enemies.

In time, they reached the status of major house, and not cleanly. The house had to fight tooth and nail for it, and had to continue fighting tooth and nail to keep their influence and status, but the Kanesukes always had at least one friend for every enemy they made, and that kept them standing, for the most part. It may not have been the best or the easiest, but ultimately, the Kanesukes were loved by as many houses as hated them, and it worked out well enough.

Nowadays, they are opposing to more houses than they are friends with, and their influence is waning. Still, there are some that believe Kanesuke will eventually make a come-back, and this seeming wane is only a temporary condition. Whether they will or not remains to be seen, but none can deny that Kanesuke are amongst the strongest warriors Jihon has to offer. Remaining a major house, on their part, will be essentially a matter of whether they use this expertise wisely, and ally with the right other houses to maintain their status.


The masters of war and tactics, the Kanesukes have a reputation primarily for being rather ruthless with their enemies. While not always outright cruel to them, the house are capable of being so, albeit they prefer to fight with a little more honour than that, when possible, and outsmart their opposition, instead.

Known For

The Kanesukes are constantly improving Jihon's military tactics. House Kanesuke may be a little more progressive than most other houses, and have, on occasion, mentioned passing interest in the military technologies of other nations and the western Free Cities.


All NPC'd.



Relations With Other Lineages

Kanesuke are favoured by House Munemoro, and House Tran. Previously, they were friendly with House Tachibana, but the two have disagreed too many times. House Kanesuke feel they are being unfair with their children, but obviously the Tachibana elders aren't much interested in hearing that. House Zhu bears a centuries long grudge against the Kanesukes, and the two tend to butt heads.

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