House Kenleigh
Arise from the ashes.
Head of House Fallen House
Established 250 Years Ago
Class Formerly Noble
Fallen House
Vassals Greyson
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

At one time, House Kenleigh was a major noble line active in Dalmasca, specifically the capital city, Nydema. A week prior to the start of the board time-line (roughly late February of 76), House Kenleigh fell from status, and was destroyed. House Greyson arose to take their place in the major house line-up. The House had several vassal lineages, and while none of them now serve another house, as of now, they do still stand, with most making it through Kenleigh's fall mostly unscathed.


Like most noble lineages in Dalmasca, House Kenleigh began as a loose congregation of relatives, whom all sought to further one anothers' goals, and reach levels of fame and wealth within Dalmascan border. In the earliest years, it is said Kenleigh were formed from a pair of brothers, and the lineage almost forked into two different branches. At the time of its establishment, it wasn't unheard of for Kenleighs to marry other Kenleighs, and there is some notable backdrop of incest in the furthest reaches of the lineage's history.

House Kenleigh later became one of the most influential and wealthy merchant houses in Dalmasca's capital, albeit the wealthiest house title in general was eventually stolen by Cassimer. It also later became obvious, that at least some fragment of the House were empathic, long before the advent of magic in humes. The House were once very skilled empaths, passing knowledge of the art of empathy from one generation to another in quite a long chain. It could be theorised that House Kenleigh's overall success as merchants was due at least partially to their being master empaths.

However, empathy began, some dozen generations ago, to skip around wildly, and seemingly began to die out in the line. During this time-frame, the Kenleighs began to forget that they ever were empaths, and, when the last head of house, Aemilius, was born an empath, he was, unfortunately, left to simply slowly mentally deteriorate, and go mad. There were no more Kenleigh empaths left to teach him to control it; thusly, there were none to teach his sons, either, and if left alone, his children will inevitably end up the same as him, a violent, uncontrollable mess.

Unfortunately, this led to House Kenleigh's downfall, as Aemilius was unable, after a point, to be careful what he did and said. It got him in rather a good deal of trouble with the Dalmascan government, and House Kenleigh was torn down, and its surviving members scattered.


Some in Dalmasca greatly favoured House Kenleigh; they had an impressive fleet of transport ships, and were friends with pirates, making their shipments less likely to be tampered with. Cyprian, at least, had managed to start dragging the House's failing reputation back up, but, somehow, it wasn't enough. Others believed them to be the House of the raving, drunken madman, and paid them little mind.

Known For

House Kenleigh's surviving legacy is a mixed one. Many remember their second-eldest son, Nero, and his military feats. The House would have eventually become Warlords through Nero's efforts and victories. Cyprian was, and still is, a skilled diplomat, when he has presence of mind enough to think straight. Many also remember House Kenleigh as being capable of finding extremely rare goods, and for a decent price, as they often traded directly with the Free Cities. Finally, Aemilius did make rather the stir for his drunken escapades.




Cyprian (former nobility, now enslaved, empath)
Andreas (former nobility, now enslaved, empath)
Dimitrios (former nobility, now enslaved, empath)


Septima (Thetis, Andreas and Dimitrios' mother)
Medea (Missanissa)
Valerius (Sandalio)
Lycaon (Alasdair)



Aemilius Kenleigh
Nero Kenleigh


Ksenia Essair, Cyprian and Kassandros, Icarus, and Cygnus Essair's mother


To be honest, post in uhhh probably dragonborn's plotter is the better idea, toss ideas out. The House has fallen, there will be no more new Kenleighs, but vassals and satellite branches probably still stand, and there were other slaves in the House besides those listed here.

Relations With Other Lineages

House Essair took them all in, for the most part. Two ended up with Lucius' half of Cassimer. Asheron were on decent terms with Cyprian and Thetis, but actively avoided Aemilius. House Greyson incidentally were Cyprian's closest professional partnership. All other lines had no real working relationship with them.

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