House Lancaster
In life or in death, triumph.
Head of House Titus Lancaster
Established 100+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals None
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

The only House to become one of the major lines solely and completely with the blood of their blood fighters, House Lancaster are somewhat new to the nobility scene, only having risen to that status within the last two decades. Unfortunately, their current head of house is great at making enemies; not so much at making friends, and it may well prove the House's downfall.


A small commoner house of merchants, initially, House Lancaster struggled and fought for what little shred of recognition they could get for many a generation. Tracing their exact origins is impossible, as the records for it no longer exist, and none remember much further back than the last hundred years. Ultimately, the House was taken in a surprising direction, when Cornelius Lancaster, the father of the current head, purchased a small group of blood fighters, and learned how to train and groom them for the arena.

He started small, working his way up into the big arena, and soon enough, House Lancaster's fighters were loved by many. The hard-won influence it granted them gained them a small cult-like following of fans, which steadily grew, and they were soon asked to have their fighters perform for the likes of the vassals of the Imperator's house; rather quite impressive a feat indeed. But the higher they went, the harder they'd fall, albeit they did not realize this until it was far too late.

When Spartacus took the title of Nydema's Blood Champion, House Lancaster catapulted into major house status. In the end, though, it was too much. Cornelius died, leaving the house to Umbrius, his eldest son, whom pushed the house into warlord class through military victory, and raised his son Regillus to take his place. Titus, his younger brother, decided he wanted to be head of house after Umbrius and managed to rewrite his brother's will and had him taken care of. When the house fell into Titus' hands, however, it began to fall apart.

Regillus mitigates what damage he can, but unfortunately, it is often not enough. The House stands, perhaps only by virtue of Regillus being favored and well-liked by other houses and influential people, but his influence can only keep Lancaster standing for so long. With most of the noble family itself dead or missing, and their second-best blood fighter, Gannicus, Spartacus' brother, sold, Lancaster is teetering on the edge of crashing.


Mostly, the Lancasters are unknown, but those that do speak of them, tell of how the House is as much at its own throat as it is at the throats of other Houses. They really honestly torment each other about as much as they fight with others, and it does them absolutely no favors whatsoever.

Known For

House Lancaster have the largest blood stables in Dalmasca, counting at around 770 blood fighters. They are also known for having the present Blood Champion of Nydema in their stables, albeit he does not care for them much anymore.




Titus Lancaster
Canius Lancaster
Atenra Lancaster (currently sheltering with House Asheron and Essair)
Victoria Lancaster (technically Titus' wife but believed deceased)


Spartacus (Sati, current blood champion of Nydema)
Aquillius (Alexios)



Cornelius Lancaster (Titus and Umbrius' father, died of age)
Umbrius Lancaster (killed in a """random""" blood stables fire, Titus' elder brother)
Aurelia Lancaster (disappeared; she is in Haradi now, but no one knows that)
Sepheres Allendale (treated as a slave but he is actually a citizen)


Gannicus (Surya)
Leon (Vaenos)
Lycaon (Alasdair)
Valerius (Sandalio)


Just do yourself a favor, and back away slowly. Don't do it, fam. Don't do it.

Relations With Other Lineages

Presently, House Lancaster are on essentially very terrible terms with every other House in Dalmasca, and may well have lost a few of their vassals. Titus is. … something.

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