House Lucain
Stand not in the jackal's path.
Head of House Sahura Lucain
Established 2,900 Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals Ihsan
Location Saqqara

The founders, and rulers, of the Free City of Saqqara, for the last three thousand years, House Lucain is probably the most ancient noble line on Azaleon. The lineage don't flaunt this, however, and tend to keep their precise founding years to themselves, years long before the current era. Most, as a result, don't know much about House Lucain, and their story, truthfully, sounds like something out of a story book.


The family originally had no name; they were just a collection of related individuals that lived and worked together, and at the time, the small group were large enough to populate an entire village by themselves, should they have chosen to do so. The family lived off the land, and had, nor wanted, nothing that they couldn't get from it. In the general vicinity of them, however, to the south of the Kharga desert, were five tribes, initially coexisting peacefully, but later coming into contact with one another, and fighting over territory and resources.

The unrelated commoners in the area later began to be impacted, our star family not exempt, losing several of their number by being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being caught in tribal skirmishes. After many of their non-tribal neighbors also lost family members, and their livelihoods impacted, a son of the family decided that something had to be done to stop the warring, or the Kharga desert and its surrounding territories would become, and remain, a barren wasteland, rife with senseless conflict.

Ultimately, this single son began teaching himself combat techniques. He failed many times, but learned from his failures and mistakes, and eventually, managed to conquer one tribe, installing himself as leader. He then worked on teaching that one tribe's warriors the combat techniques that he had developed, a martial art called Southern Khargan, which they then used against a second tribe, conquering it. They taught the second tribe Southern Khargan, and conquered the third. And then the fourth. Hearing of this single massive tribe's successes, and seeing their numbers, the fifth tribe surrendered immediately, uniting all five under the same leader.

The five tribes were then given regions that were theirs, areas they could roam freely and build settlements on, and over time, these settlements converged again into a single one, which became the Free City of Saqqara. As for their leader, he became ruler of Saqqara, and took the name Lucain, and House Lucain were born.

Beyond running Saqqara, however, House Lucain do not hold much international infamy to their name. Saqqara, and by proxy, House Lucain, tend to remain in their little corner of Azaleon, and leave everyone else alone. While they may be on decent, friendly terms with the nobility and well-respected of other Free Cities, they keep their noses out of the nations' business, unless, of course, they are supporting Macenia in defending Galace, the ruling line of which House Lucain are closely familiar with.


Within Saqqara, House Lucain are known to be very compassionate, and greatly generous. What they have, they share, particularly with those that need it, and open their doors and dining halls to the commoners of Saqqara on a regular basis. They do not consider themselves, nor act as if they are, above anyone else, and they work together with other Saqqarans to ensure the smooth running and safety of the city and her people. Saqqara is, in a sense, House Lucain's child; it is up to them to nurture it, and nurture they do.

However, one should never mistake their kindness and generosity for weakness, for if one does, kindness is not what one will know them for. House Lucain also have a quieter reputation, for being extremely vicious, and sometimes quite outright cruel, when they or theirs are threatened or harmed. Never get on the bad side of a jackal.

Known For

Known primarily for founding the Free City of Saqqara, and running it all this time. House Lucain have never once been deposed. However, they are also quite known for creating the were race in conjunction with the ilim.


Sahura Lucain ( founder and current head, were-jackal )
Inetkaes Lucain ( Sahura's sister, and the commander of the Saqqaran military, were-shark )
Sati Lucain ( better known as Spartacus, Nydema's Blood Champion, currently enslaved in Dalmasca, were-hawk )
Surya Lucain ( better known as Gannicus, a very notorious blood fighter, currently enslaved in Dalmasca, were-lion )
Atenra Lancaster ( Surya's eldest son, presently in Dalmasca, were-cobra )
Sepheres Allendale ( Surya's youngest son, presently in Dalmasca, not old enough yet, but will be a were-dragon )


There are a few wanted requests in the wanted board from a few members of House Lucain; however, the vast majority of the Lucains are old enough, they may have more children. Discussion with the player of whichever Lucain it is you want to make a direct relative of is appreciated, but as long as there's a notable effort to make one's Lucain fit, we can work with it.

Relations With Other Lineages

Very close to House Assad, as they have intermarried multiple times, and Sahura's wife is Haradian. They are also on good terms with the royal line of Galace, but they are not terribly fond of any noble house in Dalmasca. Someone knows where their missing princes are, and they're not telling, and it's grating every nerve Sahura has.

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