Head of House NPC
Established 300+ Years Ago
Class Nobility; Warlord
Serves None
Location Jihon

A strong, older lineage of Jihon, the Munemoro lineage is well-known and generally respected. Their reputation isn't enough to enable them to take ujal status within the country, but neither have they been pushing too hard to become ujal - instead, the Munemoros are much happier to back other lines for the position.


Some few hundred years ago, the first mention of the name Munemoro enters Jihonese history, accompanying the name of a smith that would go down in Jihonese history and become a well-known name. In fact, his name is carried by many weapons in Jihon in present day, as the weapon he created, a specially forged single-edged blade, was eventually named after Dao Munemoro.

From then on, House Munemoro became the home of all things Jihonese blades. The family later refined and modified Dao's original concepts and forging techniques, expanding their repertoire of weaponry and creating a wide range of offensive weapons for use by the rest of Jihon. Being as Jihon itself was built on war, and sustains itself on war, Munemoro is the one major Jihonese house that likely will never fall, because the other houses need it too much. Without Munemoro, of course, the forging techniques and alloying compositions for varying Jihonese weapons are lost, and ultimately, the rest of Jihon grinds to a halt and stops as their warring cannot remain sustained.

Over the generations, many of the Munemoros have known this, probably too well, and come to use this to their advantage here and there. However, they are careful not to abuse it too much, for it would perhaps not be too difficult to simply copy their alloys and forging techniques, and recreate their weaponry array, thus removing the necessity of House Munemoro. They are, however, content to supply other houses, and have forged strong trade agreements and political ties with other Houses, rather than gunning for a particularly high position of power and influence themselves.


Overall, in all things, House Munemoro remains neutral; they sell and trade with all other Houses, and in many instances, have sold weapons to one House, and then sold weapons to their archnemesis weeks later.

Known For

House Munemoro are the masters of weapon crafting. That is what they're known for.


All NPC'd.


No players currently run this lineage. This is, essentially, a template house; it may either be overthrown and replaced with another house of a player's choosing, or taken over and run by another player. If you have any questions, contact Esmera, as they created this house, not the staff. House Munemoro, however, are meant to be taken over and played, rather than overthrown, as they hold too important a place among the Jihonese to be overthrown easily.

Relations With Other Lineages

The Munemoros are traditionally very good friends with House Kanesuke, as where it was House Munemoro that created the weapons, it was Kanesuke that learned to use them well. Otherwise, they are on objectively good terms with every other House in Jihon, and even have some decent ties with Dalmascan nobility lines.