House Salonus
In pleasure, forget.
Head of House Gaius Salonus
Established 200+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Serves Cassimer
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

Notorious and well-known, even if they are never quite liked, Salonus is a name most Dalmascans know very well, and the slaves of Dalmasca know even better. Some have theorised anywhere between a third to a half of Dalmasca's adult slaves and ilim have, at one time, been in House Salonus, and many of those in brothels were 'trained' by Salonus, as well, for House Salonus deals in pleasure, no matter how perverse a pleasure it may be.


None think House Salonus began intending to become the premier bedslave trainers in Dalmasca, as most likely, they didn't. It is more likely they come from humbler stock, from perhaps commoners that had worked their way up the ladder, and fell again, never quite finding stability in wealth. Some closest to House Salonus say that they'd spent some time trying typical means of garnering large amounts of wealth and never quite finding it, or when they did, not managing to keep it, until the House spread rumour of the many pleasures they had to offer. It's unknown what they meant, initially, the House began to offer their slaves for whatever purpose others may deem worthwhile, so long as they had coin and were willing to part with it.

It is a well-known fact, Dalmascans love sex, and the lewder they can be, the happier they ultimately are. While many are relatively tame, House Salonus did get to know the hopelessly, horrendously, terrifyingly perverse, but you see, funny enough, those on that list were rather high-ranked names, Houses that could certainly not start rumours of how depraved they could truly become, and sought House Salonus out, to do whatever it was they wanted in privacy and anonymity. House Salonus became as their beacon, their rock, the one place they could be themselves without anyone uttering a word. None truly know what goes on in House Salonus, only that those that were, at one time, in the House, are always quite stunted, in some manner, and varying disorders are common in them.

This, mind, gives Salonus power. Power that other Houses could never dream of gaining, for in being that rock, Salonus are privy to things about other Houses that only the person it involves knows about, and would have died with had it not come to light within Salonus' walls. Many Houses speak ill of House Salonus, speak in horrified disgust of the House's dealings, but one must wonder, precisely how many of those that speak ill of the House truly detest them? Obviously not as many as it seems in public eye, or Salonus would have fallen a long time ago, rather than becoming somehow rather well protected.

In time, Salonus gained a massive collection of bedslaves, well trained and taught, ranging from female to male and everywhere in between, taught the ways of BDSM and bondage, thriving on pain and suffering, young and old alike, hume and ilim. They have quite the collection of child slaves, just as they have the collection of adults. And despite the rumours, the disgusted whispers, the murmuring behind their backs, Dalmasca's nobles will always turn to Salonus, for none know pleasure and self-expression better. And eternal might well Salonus be.


For the most part, Salonus just is. They hardly take part in political games, and truthfully, their dealings in carnal pleasures and sexual exploration are really more of a pedestal upon which they prop themselves up. It just happens that sex sells, and very, very well.

Known For

Salonus have a large number of bedslaves, though the difference, perhaps, between a brothel and Salonus is that Salonus' slaves are trained for carnal pleasure from the moment they arrive in the House. They're taught the ins and outs of sex, ways of making their partner reach climax without ever penetrating anything, and those that are adventurous enough to visit Salonus instead of a brothel often get the time of their lives, without all those pesky 'don't hurt the merchandise' rules. Some of the merchandise enjoy being hurt, even.

But, some may say, in being the source of so much exploration and discovery, Salonus hold the noose around much of the Dalmascan nobility's necks. They'd never say it… but it is well-known Salonus have enough dirt on anyone that patronises their house to completely and entirely ruin them.




Gaius Salonus



Axelius (Nikanor)
Calista (Estelle)
Lycaon (Alasdair)

Special Guests

Cyprian (formerly House Kenleigh)


For the love of fuck, WHY?
Okay but Salonus is open to being in varying characters' backstories, anyone can be from House Salonus if they like, that's fine. Don't even need to ask.

Relations With Other Lineages

Essentially, House Asheron and House Essair absolutely despise Salonus and while Essair's former head of house may have patronised House Salonus, the current one hates them. Asheron have never once gone to Salonus, ever. House Lancaster half hate them, half patronise. Canius is a common sight in Salonus, as Titus used to be (but then he got Sepheres…). Regillus and Umbrius never went. House Greyson have never had direct dealings with them and don't feel one way or the other.

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