Fire Tempers Gold
Head of House Astraea Teresi
Established ~150 years ago
Class Noble; Mercantile
Serves House Cassimer
Location Nydema, Dalmasca

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The name Teresi is rather well known, for a minor noble house. It is a name that is well associated with metal working and with weapons in particular. There are those who say that in the wake of the last Head of House stepping down the house will fall, but so far that has been false. Time will tell.


House Teresi has been standing for a respectable number of years - they are not the oldest house, by any means, but they have been a steady presence ever since their founding. They are not the most powerful, either. They are not a major house, and never have been. But there are many houses that would not be as strong as they are without House Teresi’s quiet strength.

It is probable that Teresi branched off of another merchant house - perhaps even a foreign one. From their founding on Teresi has been known for its metal work. Primarily Teresi deals in weaponry, and they do take commissions of personal designs. They have always taken great pride in their work, and have experimented in ways of metal working to produce the strongest and best lasting weapons they are able to.


What reputation does this lineage have?
House Teresi has a reputation for keeping its hands as clean as possible.

Known For

Anything this line is known for?

They are known for their superior craftsmanship on weapons that they design. House Teresi absolutely always passes to the eldest of the line, regardless of gender. In many previous generations when a girl has inherited the seat, her husband has essentially taken the reins and controlled the house in her name.


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