House Tran
Head of House NPC
Established 450+ Years Ago
Class Noble
Vassals None
Location Jihon

One of the oldest ujalin lines in Jihon, and the single ujalin lineage that has kept at least one ujal in their family the longest, House Tran is a name that many within and outside Jihon know, and know well. When one speaks the name Tran, it is said either with reverence, or fear, never between. House Tran are either a great ally, or the most dastardly enemy; but which one they are is ultimately up to everyone else. Choose wisely.


In the earliest years of Jihon, there were, of course, a small cluster of houses and family lines that were considered above all others. It took some time, before the name Tran became part of that small list of houses considered above all others, but perhaps it was a matter of time, anyway. Even now, House Tran are home to some of the most intelligent tacticians in Jihon, and while they may never reach the likes of House Kanesuke, they are perhaps not terribly far behind. Those of Tran are credited with inventing many of the machines and solutions to typical Jihonese problems, such as irrigation channels, and later selectively breeding specific plant genes in order to make them more sustainable and pleasant to the Jihonese palette.

At every turn throughout Jihon's history, the Trans have come up with some thing or another in solution to a problem, and while sometimes, their solutions may cause other problems, they often have an answer to that new problem, too. House Tran are always thinking ahead, and in many, many instances, have usurped ujalin power from another lineage without ever drawing a sword, and perhaps that is, in effect, what makes House Tran so terrifying, and puts them so far above the rest. The lineage continue to hold at least one region under their control at all times, and their regional laws are never so stifling that the commons rebel against them, lending to the ease with which they retain their control and leadership positions. House Tran prefer diplomacy, but their close ties with other powerful Houses, specifically warlord class Houses, makes them rather the terror if they are pushed, but neither do they attack willy-nilly. House Tran inspects all angles of a military situation, and strikes where it will be most effective, thus when they do go to war, it is not for long.

Only one lineage has ever managed to push House Tran into open war for longer than two weeks, this being House Kanesuke, many generations ago. Since then, House Tran and House Kanesuke have never been on opposite sides of a battlefield again.

At present, House Tran hold territory in several regions across Jihon; they currently hold the most land out of all the ujalin lineages on the island, followed closely by House Zhu. As such, they do not have any single seat of power, but instead several across Jihon. In the last few years, one son of House Tran disappeared, and the other followed in search of him; this has left the House in something of an inconvenient spot, but it was decided, should the current head of house die before either son returns, his wife will act as head of house in their stead.


While known to always choose diplomacy first, when that fails, House Tran have a notable reputation for striking hard, fast, and decisively. When they choose to go to war, they do not waste time whatsoever, and their tactical abilities coupled with that of House Kanesuke makes them rather the force.

Also notable, is their penchant for having females in some vague semblance of leadership, or at least having been given more influence than a woman typically is allotted in Jihon.

Known For

Ingenuity runs in House Tran's blood, seemingly. There are whispers that they may be into illegal auratech matters and be toying with aura and magic, but none can prove it. House Tran are constantly asking "How do we do this better?" and are not afraid to try a few different things before they strike proverbial gold.




Hien An Tran, current heir apparent


Pantheras (Vinh Tu Tran, presumed deceased)


Contact either incendium, Opal, or both, or post in either of their plotters, to get discussion going. There are a couple plot ideas that incendium and Opal have in regard to Vinh's displacement that may be interesting.

Relations With Other Lineages

Favoured by House Kanesuke, and on decent terms with House Munemoro. House Tran rarely act in military matters without at least consulting House Kanesuke. They were at one time somewhat friendly with House Zhu, but recent expansion of House Zhu into becoming ujalin has ceased that, as Tran and Zhu now fight over territory. House Tachibana does not really care for House Tran, and frankly, House Tran doesn't much care for them, either, not only having fought with them over territory and influence before, but also often butting heads over House Tran's rather progressive mindsets.

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