Head of House NPC
Established 350+ Years Ago
Class Nobility; Ujalin
Serves None
Location Jihon

What the Zhu lack in most things, they make up for with sheer numbers. House Zhu are, and have been for a long time, the largest House in Jihon, and merely due to this, their influence is everywhere. Rarely do the Zhu take anything head-on, instead preferring to slip about the shadows, and manipulate other Jihonese Houses into playing their cards in a way that benefit the Zhu.


Not too long after the rise of House Tran, the Zhu arose. Numerous and moneyed, House Zhu became a staple name in historical documentation, their name coming up for and related to almost everything; where there was power, there was Zhu. In time, Zhu came to control virtually all areas of the less honourable side of Jihonese culture, ranging from the slave trade, to the black market, to assassination and bounty hunting, and most mercenaries and assassins in Jihon have some tie or another to House Zhu. It is, after all, House Zhu that teaches them their ways, gives them the resources they need, and patronises them on many an occasion.

Rather than fighting in the open, House Zhu maintain their influence and power by taking down opposition in the shadows. They thrive in darkness and secrets, and some surmise there are martial techniques that are unique to House Zhu, that only they know and understand, but this hasn't been seen. It is known that, those that cross paths with their assassins, don't live long, and all are killed often before they can react at all, typically with a small bladed weapon tentatively assumed to be a rapier.

Of course, House Zhu wouldn't be so powerful if they were easy to pin such assassinations and murders on, and some Houses may have an idea of where these assassins are trained and sent from, but no one can prove it. In any case, while not particularly honourable to most Jihonese, they are effective, and the rest of Jihon does have to give them that; they are good at what they do.

House Zhu hold control over multiple territories in Jihon, and many of those that are not known to be directly below House Zhu's several ujals, may be indirectly.


Slippery, and deadly, House Zhu are very meticulous and careful in their dealings. It is extremely hard to prove that anything they do has anything to do with them; but their opposition and enemies do have a habit of suddenly turning up dead, sometimes without even a single scratch on them, leading some to believe House Zhu deals in deadly poisons, too.

Known For

There is a decent number of assassins that operate under House Zhu's banner; none can prove it, however.


All NPC'd.


No players currently run this lineage. This is, essentially, a template house; it may either be overthrown and replaced with another house of a player's choosing, or taken over and run by another player. If you have any questions, contact Esmera, as they created this house, not the staff.

Relations With Other Lineages

With their recent expansion into holding ujalin power, House Zhu have been coming into conflict with House Tran and House Tachibana. They may be friendly enough with House Munemoro, but House Kanesuke do not like the Zhus, and the Zhus harbour a centuries-long grudge against the Kanesukes. The slight has roots in House Zhu asking for assistance in developing assassination techniques; House Kanesuke refused, citing assassination as dishonourable. As the Kanesukes have close ties to the Trans, it was perhaps a matter of time until House Tran turned on the Zhus, too.