The Free Cities are a collection of independent city-states, situated outside nation borders. Each of these individual city-states operates differently from the rest, and all have their own preferred currency or trade styles. Due to each Free City using a different type of currency, they tend to accept more or less any currency at all, but will also barter-trade, and exchange goods and services for other goods and services.

The only real, shared traits all the Free Cities have in common is that slavery is illegal within all of them, and when caught, slavers are often dearly punished, if not executed or sold into slavery in either Dalmasca or Jihon. No Free City has laws against polyamory, or homosexual relations/marriages. All marriage is seen as the same thing, albeit due to the presence of different religious orders within the Free Cities, one or two religious sects may refuse to sanctify one kind of marriage-but it is still legally recognized in the Cities. Finally, no Free City has a gender lean. All genders are equal, and there are enforced legal protections against sexual discrimination. Transgenderism is also a concept the Free Cities understand and are tolerant of, but not all Cities have the resources to perform sex changes.

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