There are few unified nations on Azaleon, with much of the continent being comprised of the scattered western Free Cities, and one couldn't really call certain nations particularly unified. However, each nation in our setting has a role to play. Two of the four nations are monarchies, with one another being tribal, and the last being ruled by feudal lords. Each nation offers a very different political stage than the rest; a large majority of our character base is within Dalmasca, but if one is willing to put in the effort to do so, Messiah can certainly be expanded into the rest.

As the game progresses and evolves over time, we do expect that more nations and Free Cities will rise and fall throughout. We may not outright condone simply adding a new nation to the map, but through in-character effort and "playing one's cards right," the game can certainly be influenced into gaining another, or losing one.


One of the few unified nations of Azaleon, Dalmasca is located on the southeast side of the continent. It is bordered by Jihon, across the Aont Strait to the east, and Macenia to the north. Dalmasca is a monarchy, ruled by the Imperator, with a noted patriarchal lean. Historically, Dalmasca and Jihon tend to be allied in international conflicts.


The home nation of the ilim, Galace is a large nation located to the north of Azaleon, and one of the few unified nations on the continent. It is bordered by Macenia to the southeast, however they are naturally separated from their Macenian neighbours by way of large, treacherous mountains with few easily traversable passes. To the southwest lies the neutral territory the Free Cities are scattered across. Galace is a monarchy, ruled by the Galacese Emperor, but does not have any strong gender lean. In international conflict, Galace almost always allies with Macenia, and sometimes Highwind or Haradi.


Ruled by powerful lords, somewhat reminiscent of a feudal arrangement, Jihon is an island nation located off the southeast coast of Dalmasca. The only region particularly close to it is Dalmasca, though to the north lies the Macenian Aesia Isle, which Jihon has had contact, and naval conflict, with before. Dalmasca is just across the Aont Strait, and on very clear days, the shores of Dalmasca can be seen from Jihon's westernmost points. Due to this close proximity, and their similar purviews, Jihon and Dalmasca tend to be allied in international conflicts.


Within east-central Azaleon is Macenia, sprawling plains and dense forests belonging to the Macenian tribes. One cannot truly call Macenia unified, and many of Macenia's tribes are nomadic, but they cooperate with one another often enough to consider them somewhat allied. Macenia's territory is bordered to the north by Galace, to the south by Dalmasca, and to the west, by the vast neutral territory across which the Free Cities are scattered. Macenia also includes Aesia Isle, a large island to the northeast of Azaleon, which is due north of Jihon. As Macenia is tribal, each tribe is ruled differently than the others, but in general, they're most commonly oligarchies. In international conflict, the Macenian tribes side with Galace, as their distance warfare perfectly complements the Macenians' infantry-based guerilla tactics.

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