These pages go over information that pertains to the site's setting flavour. Things such as the magic system, world maps, and things that are global across nations and the Free Cities, or valid for more than one locale, are all covered.

Most of these pages are technically optional, and can be read at a later time, however, certain pages are important to certain types of character. For instance, one creating a mage would need to read the aura and magic page, so they understand how magic works in our world. The social classes and world maps are also somewhat important for most characters, as several nations run very heavily on social classing, and having an idea of how Azaleon is laid out is not a bad idea either.

Use good judgement and common sense when deciding what to read, and what to skip. Remember, not everything about each setting thing, location, or race, can be learned in these pages, simply because there are little things established in board canon that we just cannot type out here; we'd all be reading forever. It is always okay to ask questions, and to make mistakes. They happen.

Aura & Magic

To the humes of Azaleon, magic is a new concept. Those humes capable of it are few, but it is common in ilim, enough that most ilim have a natural aptitude with it, and weres will spontaneously develop it sooner or later. Humes innately fear sorcery and aura manipulation, as most humes with the ability to use it go mad at some point. For some, it happens quickly, while for others, it takes a long time, and where one falls along this spectrum is, as of now, seemingly random. Ilim and weres are not known to have this issue.

Sorcery is powered with aura, and the terms magic and sorcery are used interchangeably. Some also use sorcery and aura interchangeably, but there is a difference, as sorcery works different than raw aura manipulation. The key for understanding the mechanics of sorcery, in general, is to remember that everything must be created from something, thereby all sorcery must have a source.

Blood Games

What began, at first, as a friendly competition in street matches, has become one of the most lucrative, and deadly, forms of entertainment in Azaleon. A vast majority of blood fighters are slaves, but interestingly, even in Jihon, these slaves can become very infamous and well-loved by the regular patrons of the games. Many a slave has earned their freedom through the games. The games are also a means of punishment, for criminals, thieves, and one of the easiest means of paying off debts. Free citizens often become blood fighters as a result of wrong-doing, or in order to earn a lot of money in a short time-span.

There are differing styles and disciplines of blood fighting, many of them based on the variant combat styles used by other nations' military, and almost anyone can find something they're good at on the sands. At times, the games are a form of public execution, and it is not unheard of for multiple large groups to be pit against one another, though occasionally one group may face down only one or two solo fighters.

Social Classing

Which social classes are valid per individual location within Azaleon is variant. Each nation has its own social arrangements, and some classes may not really be prevalent in certain ones. For instance, Dalmasca has a very strict classing hierarchy, but Macenia does not really have one at all. Each individual class detailed below will hold in its description a mention of where that class is generally valid.

Please note, slavery is only valid in two places, these being Dalmasca and Jihon. Otherwise, it is mostly illegal. Our handling of slavery is based on how it was/is in the real world. This means that most basic things about slavery and how it works can be learned from real-world history (for a very specific angle, look to ancient Rome and ancient China).

World Maps

On this page, one will find all the maps of Azaleon, its nations, and in some cases, its cities or major houses' estates. There will eventually be more maps available, as there are more continents on our planet than just Azaleon. Currently, however, we don't want others playing characters in or from anywhere else. The world will expand as the story's scope does.

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